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    A three-month @st_vincent tour starts today. Get on board or eff off! (@racheldemy)

  • chantelle winnie by lance gross

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  • agreed, but i feel like jenny was such an irredeemable piece of shit that it overshadowed the fact that tina was the human equivalent of anal fissures. jenny’s a hate hog. i’m here to set the record straight. they were both fucks. RIP Jenny. (RIP stands for ‘Rot In Pool’)

    September 30
  • i know it’s been five years and they say time heals all wounds but i still get really mad when i think about tina from the l word. not the actress who portrayed tina who is a real human being, but tina the fictional character who is not real in any way shape or form. i fucking hate her.

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    i need you to be the one to call 
    i need you to be the one 
    i need you to be the one 
    i need you to be the one

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    Vivienne Westwood SS14

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