• as the acting interim vice deputy co-assistant junior intern of the Anne Clark fan club, i believe i am well within my rights to enquire, brazenly, like a small unruly child, as to why we don’t have any more tour vids yet. what’s the deal?

  • Anonymous
    Sorry idk what iplayer is where can i hear annies interview??


    I don’t know if it’s available outside the UK.

  • "I’ve been playing for 20 years. I mean I’m only 16, but…" Annie, stop.

  • Annie’s interview on BBC 6 music is on i Player now. Starts about 44 minutes in. She says throwing that pie at Glastonbury was an act of existential absurdity, not malice. I don’t know how to rip it so somebody else should.

  • theunderestimator:

    Early everyday bohemian life of Patti Smith, photographed by Judy Linn.

    More than 100 black and white photos of young Patti, sometimes surrounded by her lovers at the time Robert Mapplethorpe and Sam Shepard are published in "Patti Smith 1969-1976, Photographs by Judy Linn".

    (via fuckyeahgrrrlrock)

  • you know the face the guy interviewers make when they talk to annie? you know the face. like they’re looking at a hosepipe in a drought. or a tasty hotdog. that face. i hate that face. 

  • If I get a hand on an extra one, I’ll send it your way

    that’s super nice of you! thank you. i’d book it a first class ticket on emirates air so it could arrive in style and comfort. wasteful? for sure. decadent? oh you bet.

  • let’s discuss how it’s some BULLSH*T that i, a moderate st. vince fan, will probably not get the opportunity to own the pieta 10” because i live on a tiny floating island of misery and despair. it is some crap for sure.

  • fuckyeahstvincent:

    St. Vincent Record Store Day Release

    These exclusive new songs were recorded with John Congleton during the St. Vincent sesions in 2013. The propulsive and soaring “Pieta” has become a mainstay in the St. Vincent live show and “Sparrow” is its counterpoint with a deep musing on death and loss that recalls the sonic textures of Big Science-era Laurie Anderson. The two songs are presented in a deluxe, die-cut, foil-embossed package with a 10” disc cut at 45 RPM. The package was designed by Willo Perron, Annie Clark’s collaborator on the striking visuals for St. Vincent. Each piece is individually numbered.

    Track List: