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Annie’s Descent

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*googles ‘joanna newsom new album’ until fingers are bloody stumps* 

i need this explained to me

the power cut off before she finished the song so like 500 people sang something that vaguely sounded like rattlesnake at her and she was laughing her butt off about it. and toko was doing that kind of drunk mom dance where only the shoulders move. 

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Taylor Schilling seen at LAX on August 14, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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Anonymous asked: did annie really tell that joke? that's problematic if so....

oh it’s problematic as hell. i was quite shook up about the whole ordeal. i go to her shows for the sick riffs and sweet moves, not puerile quote un quote “”comedy”“. rest assured once i had finished clutching my pearls and had been brought around fully by the smelling salts i was drafting out a strongly worded letter of complaint to her management. last show i take my beautiful children to see. 

Anonymous asked: You missed out the best part of last night! Rattlesnake karaoke!

I think Annie appreciated the effort if not the execution.

The band Annie has right now is so perfect and I will be legitimately upset if/when she changes it. Imagine a St. V show without Toko now? Grim, Disgusting and Unacceptable.

This is how it went down tonight:

- Support slot from dollar store Jenny Lewis and Sideshow Bob (bring back Cate le Bon imo??)
- Rattlesnake
- Rattlesnake shorting out the power
- Matt Johnson refusing to stop playing despite the fact everyone else had
- 10 minutes of Annie’s standup as they tried to fix it
- Annie refusing to down a glass of wine because she’s a “FUCKING lady”
- That joke, which she told her family, a thing she said in this, 2014, the year of our lord.
- 20 more minutes of technical difficulties
- A Strange Mercy/Your Lips are red encore
- Me, literally dead.

This is the 746th time I’ve seen St. Vincent, but I’m blown away all over again every time. Nobody goes harder. Goddamn.

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