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i’m going to meet annie after one of the shows next month and i’m going to neg her until she cries. i’m going to give her a swirly and call her a nerd. i’m the baddest >:)

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My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.

This bums me out.

i-D WINTER 2011 Grab A Friend… Jourdan Dunn and Rob Evans by Alasdair McLellan

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i think about early to mid 2000s pitchfork approved buzz bands a lot. i hope they’re all doing ok. i hope tapes ‘n tapes have a roof over their heads and enough food.

In honor of Angel Olsen's recent record release “Burn Your Fire For No Witness,”  (if you haven’t already purchased the album, do yourself a favor and buy it now…) I’ve decided to finally share some photographs I took of this super talented mega babe this past fall. Madelyn and I had so much fun assisting Zia Anger in creating Angel’s video for Forgiven/Forgotten. We got to squeeze in a little photo-shoot in before filming in the mornings.

Angel’s gallivanting the world right now, so make sure to see her when she comes around (Philly friends - May 14th!). Prepare to be mesmerized.

The first four photographs were captured with my Mamiya + Kodak Portra 400; the second four with my Minolta + Fuji-film (I think)

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What a Pleasure - Beach Fossils

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